Wednesday, June 26, 2-13, Seondeok Girls Middle School, Gyeongju, South Koea, 8:20 AM

You know thos big donation things in public places? You find them in museums, amusement parks, and malls. You place coins in a slot, the coin shoots down a small ramp and circles around a large drain until it is depositied in the bottom, never to be seen again. You know how when the coin gets to the end, at the smallest point of the funnel, it appears to be going fatser than ever as it zooms around the smaller circumference quicker than be seen?

That is kind of how I am feeling right now. I have always known where I have been headed, but now I am in the neck, the end, and even though I know logically time is the same, I fell U am circiling the drain faster than ever.

I am in an hour glass, attempting the Sisyphean task of pushing the grain of sands back up even as they fall on me.

There was a game I played with my friends at recess in elementary school, called plumber. Somone goes down a slide but stops themself in the middle, without going all th way down. Then another person goes down, stopping behind the first person, and so on and son on. Whiole this is going on, the plumber goes up the slide and tries to pull all the other players down, thus unclogging the slide, if you will. Even though for the last three months I have prepared for this, I have thought about how great it will be to see my family and friends again, suddenly I see the end coming fast and now my legs are braced firm against the plastic sides of the slide, even as something is trying to pull me down.

Okay, enough with the metaphors. I am going home in 20 days. 6 of those I will be a teacher. Maybe I have been in Korea too long, because right now it does not seem real. Texas has felt so far away for so long, on an emotional level, it almost seem impossible to return.

Sorry for thg4e short nature of this post, but that really is about i8t at this point. More to follow after this weekend’s festivities.


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